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Founder of hotel Sindhuri

The success story of the hotel Sindhuri Park lies exclusively on the hard work of the founders and Directors of this hotel.Mr. Madanpalli Venkaiah, the founder of this hotel, is working hard on development and betterment of this hotel. During his early life, he worked for a financial corporation, namely A.P State Financial Corporation in Hyderabad.

He joined there in the year 1980 and worked for this corporation for at least 15years and gained vast knowledge in different areas of loan sanctioning and loan disbursement procedure. After having a successful career in this field, Mr. Madanpalli Venkaiah planned to start his own business. For this, he took voluntary retirement from the corporation and started his own business in the year 1995. He established his own chit fund company M/S UPPUTURAMMA CHITS PVT LTD in Tirupati.

He lived in Tirupati for a long period and he spend his vast working life here within this city. Hence, he had many contacts and slowly he gathered knowledge in entrepreneurship. Later, he established this eminent Hotel which has become famous all around Tirupati.

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Smt. M Santha, wife of Mr. Madanpalli Venkaiah, is another remarkable personality who is there from the starting of this hotel. She is completely dedicated towards the well being of this hotel and under her supervision this hotel is running nicely. She looks after the every matter starting from maintaining proper hospitality as well as maintaining outstanding quality of food.

Hotel Sindhuri Park is placed near to the holy and beautiful Tirumala Hills. Again and again, people wishing to visit the famous Lord Venkateswara Swamy Temple in Tirumala, can easily spend a day or two in this hotel. Basically it can be said that the hotel is situated at the center of the town and hence all advanced facilities are available to this hotel. Due to this well convenient position of this hotel, people can reach here within a very short time period.         [Read More]

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The gorgeous event hall has been decorated with all modern features. This is considered as an ideal hall for organizing business meetings.The entrance is decorated with nice flowers and plants.        [Read More]

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Hotel Sindhuri Park has its own restaurant named as Vrinda Restaurant. This is the perfect place to taste the dishes from all parts of the country. Every dish is prepared in a healthy manner.          [Read More]

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The hotel Sindhuri Park is offering exclusive catering service apart from all other professional services. It has already been proved that the well trained group of management of Sindhura Park has performed their duties satisfactorily.      [Read More]